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Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber welcome pack

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is an affinity partner with the Phone Co-op

Objectives of Co­-operatives Yorkshire and Humber

  • Champion the Identity, Values and Principles of co-operation in the Region

  • Promote the development of the co-operative economy in the Region

  • Create social cohesion through co-operative solutions

  • Ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded in all CY&H activity



Co-­operatives YH is a co­operative company limited by guarantee with a democratically elected board drawn from member businesses and organisations, with a responsibility to represent and promote the sector.

The Board, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, meets regularly to determine the strategy and activities of the organisation. The Board is comprised of individuals drawn from our diverse constituents – retail co­operatives, worker co-­operatives, financial and housing co­operatives, co-­operative development organisations and others.

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber Ltd-arts

Development Partners

We welcome engagement with people and organisations who share similar goals and are willing to act as a partner in the future development and delivery of strategies for the region. Together, co-­operatives and mutuals can exert greater influence to make sure they are considered in regional policy making.

Membership of Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber is free.


The Phone Co-op

  • is a co-operative owned by its members

  • supplies Phone and Broadband, business telecoms & mobile

  • is an ethical and attractive alternative to other telecoms providers

  • is environmentally sustainable

  • pays out a dividend to its customers who are members

  • pays interest of 1.75% per annum on members share capital

  • Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is an affinity partner

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Tel: 0845 458 9040


Other useful contacts

Sheffield Co-operatives Information about the Co-operative movement in Sheffield, history etc.


Co-operatives UK is the national body which campaigns for co-operation and works to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises.



Sheffield Co-op Development Group

Sheffield Co-operative Development Group’s purpose is to promote the development of co-operatives and other enterprises which offer people opportunities to increase their control over their working lives.

Aizlewoods’s Mill

Nursery Street

Sheffield S3 8GG

for more information;


e.mail: alan@scdg.org


Principle Five: Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

Aizlewoods’s Mill

Nursery Street

Sheffield S3 8GG

for more information;


e.mail: steve@sheffield.coop


Humberside Co-operative Development Agency

Humberside CDA was founded in 1985 by Humberside County Council as an arms length agency, to support and develop Co-operatives and Social Enterprises in the Humberside area.



A trade association providing support, information and services to British Credit Unions.


Supporters Direct

Promoting sustainable spectator sports clubs based on supporters’ involvement & community ownership.


Radical Routes

A network of housing and worker co-ops and Social centres whose members are actively working for social change in the UK.


Somerset Co-operative Services is a Co-operative Development Body promoting “the application of international co-operative principles, to help people establish new co-operative and social enterprises and to enable social enterprises to work together to be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.” They write the Somerset Model Rules


The Welsh co-operative Centre

is a co-operative development agency providing support and advice to co-operatives, social enterprises, community groups and voluntary organisations.


Co-operative News

(a readers co-operative)

published by Co-operative Press since 1871

Fortnightly newspaper


Tel: 0161 214 0871



1st edition Co-op News

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The Board of Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber

Chair – Cheryl Barrott.  Change Agents

Secretary – Steve Wagstaff.  Fairtraders Co-operative

Treasurer – Alan Dootson.  Sheffield Co-operative Development Group

Membership Sec. – Steve Thompson. Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre.


Phil Watson. Sheffield Renewables

Neil Rhodes. Yorkshire Co-operative Party

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