co-ops y n h logoNewsletter November 2014 ;

For all things co-operative see our website www.cooperatives-yh.coop

WELCOME TO THE NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER. CY&H were present at the Co-operatives Fair at the Red and Green Club, Milnsbridge and the Co-operative Group Members Meeting at the National Railway Museum, York. At Milnsbridge, Marsden and Slaithwaite Transition Towns became members of CY&H. At both events we distributed information about the co-operative resource centre, Principle 5 and sold lots of Revolver coffee. For more information see:









[5] MARSDEN AND SLAITHWAITE TRANSITION TOWNS http://www.mastt.org.uk/ [6] ……………………………………..


Free open source software is designed for sharing and co-operating in it’s use and development, see; https://www.fsf.org/about/what-is-free-software [7] for moreon what Free software is – it is a natural fit for co-operatives.You are probably already using Free software even if you don’t realise it, be it on your Android phone or serving the internet content you are accessing. If your desktop/laptop is running Windows you could consider switching to an alternative like Ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/ [8] Ubuntu is probably the mostpopular first Linux distro people try). You could also consider what software serves your website, for example the most popular web content management system is Free software, WordPress (WordPress isavailable as a service at https://wordpress.com/ [9] and as Free software you can download at https://wordpress.org/ [10] …………………………………………

THE FAIRTRADERS CO-OPERATIVE IN HOLMFIRTH might just be the place for your Christmas shopping. Shop online at www.fairtrader.coop [11] or visit the shop: 32 Huddersfield Rd, Holmfirth HD9 2JS, Tue – Sat 10am to 5pm, Sun 11am – 5pm. Tel. 01484 690515. Special for Christmas: Palestinian hamper, all Zaytoun products, £30 +postage. Packaging ecologically sound. With Palestinian cookery book as optional extra. To become a member of the Fair Traders Co-operative, see website. http://www.fairtrader.coop/ [12] ……………………………………..

AS WELL AS FAIRTRADE THERE SHOULD BE FAIR CARE FOR BOTH CARERS AND THE CARED FOR. http://faircarecampaign.wordpress.com/  ………………………………….

SHEFFIELD CO-OPERATIVE DEVELOPMENT GROUP Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG Sheffield Co-operative Development Group is ready to continue into its 35th year of establishing and giving on- demand support to democratically owned and operated enterprises in Sheffield and the South Yorkshire sub- region. Our work continually varies for no sooner have we finished the establishment of one new co-op than an existing client is telephoning us to assist them with an operational, financial or a governance issue. Whilst there are numerous consultants establishing social and democratically owned enterprises in the area we are not aware of others giving the on-demand expert support that we regularly provide to our clients. If you think that we may be able to help you at any stage of your development whether at pre-incorporation, registration or expansion stage then we shall be pleased to hear from you on 0114 2823100 or e-mail us at; alan@scdg.org [14] For more information about SCDG see Sheffield Co-operatives: https://sheffield.coop/history/scdg [15] …………………………………….

Please circulate this newsletter amongst all of your members, supporters and friends. With good wishes from all at Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber


co-ops y n h logoSeptember 2014

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber Newsletter


Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre is now open to new members. This is a co-operative hub for the Movement to use and we hope that you will consider joining and supporting this facility for the co-operative sector.

It’s success depends upon it’s members and supporters donations. There is no fixed subscription rate for membership, that is left to the member to decide how much they feel able to give.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations.

The board are planning a programme of events starting this autumn.

See attached membership form.

We look forward to meeting you in the near future.





Co-operatives Fair

The Red and Green Club in Milnsbridge (Huddersfield) is running a Co-operatives Fair on Saturday October 4th, from 12.30 to 5.00. The theme of the event is ‘Food and Sustainability’ but we will also be looking at some of the wider issues relating to co-operative development. We want to have a good range of co-ops represented with
stalls selling their products (food-related or whatever) and offering lots of promotional material. In our upstairs room we will have a series of talks and workshops on aspects of local co-operation: setting up new co-ops, how we can work together as a network, and some of the challenges facing the co-operative movement.
Any enquiries contact Paul Salveson (club chair) on 07795 008691 or email paul@paulsalveson.com or Angie Proctor emnail tarkquinthefrog@live.co.uk for more details. The club is at: 42 Bankwell Road, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4LU

Admission is free and there is no charge for having a stall.



Revolver Fairtrade Coffee is now available through

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber

Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

Sheffield Co-operative Development Group



Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber

!! New Website!!




Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-08

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber News

12th August 2014

The Board of CY&H are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

We hope that you will find it useful.

Please pass it on to anyone who might find it helpful.


With all good wishes,

Steve Thompson

Membership sec. Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber

Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-07

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber July Newsletter 2014

Celebrating Co-operation from principle 5 to principle 6

A warm welcome is extended to all co-operators and friends of the Movement to join the Sheffield Cooperative Development Group and Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber in an afternoon of co-operative affirmation and celebration at:

Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
Sheffield S3 8GG

Wednesday 16th July 2014

Starting with lunch at 1:00pm

This is a gathering in Sheffield, which includes, frank and fulsome conversation, a Principle Six session, the opportunity to shape the Strategy for Co-operatives Yorkshire and Humber and a free lunch!

Please reply to:
by the 9th July or tel: 0114 282 3123

Let’s Talk Live: Leeds

Date: 22/07/2014
Time: 5.30pm
Hosts: The Co-operative Group North Region
Location: Leeds
Venue: Leeds Art Gallery (Henry Moore Room)

Join us as we take the next steps in shaping your co-op and help us become the UK’s favourite way of doing business “Let’s Talk” is a new way of engaging with members, providing you with new and real opportunities to share your views on some of the key issues for our co-operative.
It is being launched with a series of discussions on the future of our social goals – we’re asking our members to help us decide which big issues to champion in the future, and how
we can best support your community. Your ideas will be recorded and will feed into our national social goals strategy review (so your contribution will have a genuine impact).
So come along and Let’s Talk! Places are limited so make sure you book.
You can also get involved with Let’s Talk online and in store, please see the website for details: http://co-opletstalk.co.uk/

So please get involved and join the conversation. Tea, coffee and light refreshments served from 5.30pm.

Contact Number: 0191 411 234
or Linda Gomila on 07889983791 for further information
Contact Email: membership.north@co-operative.coop


The Red and Green Club

42 Bankwell Road,
From June 2014 we will have a programme of: Film nights, Poetry evenings, Political discussions, Music nights…

Open on Thursday and Saturday evenings.
Please sign up to our facebook page ‘Red and Green Club, Milnsbridge’ for regular updates.

Many thanks to TSSA and lots of individuals who have contributed in many different ways. If you want to donate, or join (£10 per year full rate, £5 unwaged), please make cheques payable to: ‘Milnsbridge Society’ and send to: John Goodwin, Secretary, 21 Britannia Road,
Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4QQ or download a form here: RED and GREEN
CLUB membership form To keep in touch with what is happening see:


Look out for Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber website launching soon.

Your articles, comments and notices are always welcome.
Lets make this a great newsletter.
Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber
Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
S3 8GG

Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-06

Welcome to the June newsletter. It will soon be Cooperatives
Fortnight, 21st June – 5th July. CY&H will be at the Co-operatives Fair at the Red and Green Club at Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.

Sunday June 22nd, Co-ops Fair: This is timed to fit with
the national ‘Co-operatives Fortnight’ and the idea is to
have a wide range of co-ops from around the region and
beyond having a presence. We’re hoping to have speakers
from the co-operative movement and maybe some films.
Theresa is co-ordinating this so offers of help, stalls etc. to
her please: theresamcdonagh01@btinternet.com
Become a member of Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre for information see:
For membership information:
Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
Sheffield S3 8GG
Read Co-operative News (A readers co-operative) For membership information contact Giles Simon: giles@thenews.coop
Co-operative News,
Holyoake House,
Hanover Street,
Manchester M60 OAS
We Own It
Our vision: We want the UK to have high quality public services, owned by and accountable to the public. Health, education, energy and water – are public goods that belong to all of us and they should be run publicly. Privatisation isn’t working; it’s time for public ownership.
Message from the Phone Co-op
Why Fairphone?
There are a number of reasons why you may like to consider buying a Fairphone instead of a conventional smartphone. In our opinion, the main reason is that Fairphone it’s the first handset produced by a Social Enterprise with total transparency in the production and supply chain. It’s made using conflict-free minerals and produced in a factory that ensures health and safety working conditions as well as decent wages to its workers.
For full details you can visit the Fairphone website.
We’ve been trying Fairphone in our offices and we can confirm it’s as good a handset as any other smartphones in the market. We will be publishing a review very soon – but you can find lots of opinions by just typing “Fairphone” on your search engine – a full list of specs is available here.
You can register your interest today and we’ll come back to you when it’s available.
Switch to the Phone Co-op
and support CY&H
Quote: AFO461 Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber
We would love to hear from Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber members. Send news items and notices to: steve@sheffield.coop
For more co-operative information:
Co-operatives Fortnight
Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber
Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
S3 8GG

Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-05

Sheffield Renewables
Our big news – installation has begun on our first project which will see a 50 kW solar panel array cover an area larger than a tennis court, installed at Paces Campus. The array should generate over 38,000 kWh, equivalent to power for 12 homes, with a carbon saving of around 17 tonnes of CO a year. The Centre, ₂ run by High Green
Development Trust, is a community building housing a special school, nursery, community café and sports hall, as well as small local businesses.
Our volunteers have worked very hard to get the project going and we would like to thank High Green Development Trust, Sheffield City Council and Kier for their support. Our installer Homeco Energy has been fantastic, helpful and understanding in that community projects bring many different challenges. Key Fund has provided valuable
financial support to assist with the scheme and development costs.

A collection of interactive online resources
telling stories from the
National Co-operative Archive
The theme of the 2014 International Co-operative Day (5th July) is:
“Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all”.Last year the International Co-operative Alliance launched the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade, which sets out the objectives for co-operatives to position themselves as “builders of sustainability”. To read Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade

There is an alternative telecoms provider!
Switch to The Phone Co-op and support Cooperatives Yorkshire & Humber by quoting
AF0461 Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber
Mobile pay as you go now available from the Phone Co-op at all Co-operative Stores. This is an a example of two co-operatives working
supportively with each other.

Subscribe to Co-operative News:
Co-operative News
Holyoake House
Hanover Street
M60 0AS
Tel: 0161 214 0870
Fortnightly: £30 for 12 months
£50 for 24 months
Cheques to: Co-operative Press Ltd
Sheffield Live! Update, April 2014
Sheffield Community Media Pioneer and Community Share Offer now open; cross-platform website launches; programming update; 4 new job opportunities; new shows; expressions of interest invited for Commercial Production Services.
Sheffield Live! will be the first cross-platform community media service in the UK including Sheffield’s soon to be launched digital local TV channel.
Sheffield Community Media Ltd: Share offer now open
Imagine a TV channel that YOU can be part of. Sheffield Community Media Ltd is a new organisation set up for community benefit. A local media organisation owned by local people to invest in Sheffield’s local digital TV channel and to build a new cross-platform media service for Sheffield – on radio, TV, web and mobile.
Whether you live, work or have interests in Sheffield, we would like to invite you to subscribe to Shares in Sheffield Community Media Ltd and be part of the ownership of our city’s community media:
• A social investment in community media
• Become a co-owner of Sheffield Community Media Ltd
• Invest any amount from £100 to £20,000
• Option to pay in instalments for those on low income
• We aim to pay a modest rate of interest after 3 years
• We aim to allow you to “cash in” your shares after 5 years
You can access our Pioneer and Community Shares Offer
Document and other information at:
Recruiting now…
Want to work in Sheffield’s new cross-platform media operation? We’re recruiting Enterprise Advisors, a Technical Manager, Finance Manager and a Head of News. For details and how to apply see:
Our goal is to establish an inclusive and sustainable local media service which will inform, educate and entertain – encompassing television, radio, and our website, that shows what is vibrant and
distinctive about Sheffield, that meets the public interest in local news and information, and that offers a platform for local opinion and
creative expression.
With a planned launch date for Sheffield Live! TV of autumn 2014 on Freeview, and a news operation starting from July via our new website and through Sheffield Live 93.2FM, we now need to recruit some talented, passionate staff committed to help make our vision become reality.
Full job descriptions for the above roles as well as
details of how to apply at
Closing date 19 May 2014

We are also recruiting for the following apprenticeships: Production Assistants, Apprentice Journalists, Technical Assistants.
Further information on apprenticeships available by writing to: apprentices@sheffieldlive.org
Sheffield Live website gets brand new look
We’ve given our website at:
http://www.sheffieldlive.org a complete revamp – not only a new, fresh look, but a whole host of new functions to make for a better user experience.
email info@sheffieldlive.org
Proposal forms are available at: http://www.sheffieldlive.org/get-involved/
Programme proposers should be prepared to contribute their own voluntary time or other resources. Selected programme proposals will benefit from development support, access to production facilities to produce a pilot programme, and potential for inclusion in the SLTV launch programme schedule.
We’re also open to new proposals for radio programmes on Sheffield Live 93.2FM (and we are particularly interested in talk-based programme
proposals, and proposals for breakfast (7am-9am) shows. To propose a show, just download and return the radio programme proposal form from:
You can listen to the shows on Sheffield Live! via FM radio – 93.2FM, through our livestream via
http://www.sheffieldlive.org or download them as podcasts

Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-04

Welcome to the April edition of the newsletter. This is a critical time for the Co-operative Group and the wider co-operative movement. Keep up to date with what is happening by reading Co-operative News, either in the paper form or on the website: www.thenews.coop Tel: 0161 214 0871
Please help Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber to be more financially
sustainable by switching your telecoms provider to the Phone Co-op
www.thephone.coop and quote AF 0461 Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber. In this way CY&H will benefit through the affinity scheme with the Phone Co-op.

You are encouraged to share news of your own co-operatives and the
services which you provide in this newsletter. Short notices or longer
articles which can be linked to our website are welcomed. Please contact the editor at; steve@sheffield.coop

Principle Five: Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre is open Monday to Friday by arrangement. Contact: steve@sheffield.coop For more information about the centre see:      https://sheffield.coop/ycrc

And also http://www.thenews.coop/63163/news/community/63163/
The Resource Centre is based at Aizlewood’s Mill which is a co-operatively owned building and home to the Sheffield Co-operative Development Group, see; https://sheffield.coop/history/scdg
Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
Sheffield S3 8GG

There will be a meeting for all members of the Co-operative Group in Leeds at the Hilton Hotel in Leeds on Saturday 3 May but this year
starting at 2.00pm. (The Hilton Hotel is close to the railway station).
Transport is available from Hull, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley leaving around 11.30am but for further details please contact the Membership Department at:
or telephone 0191 4112348.

For ethical, sustainable and co-operative IT services
contact; Webarchitects. www.webarch.net

The newly elected board of Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber met on Thursday 27th March. The Directors are:
Cheryl Barrott. Chair. Change Agents
Kath Clements. Vice Chair. Principle Five: YCRC
Steve Wagstaff. Secretary. Lizianthus Trust
Alan Dootson. Treasurer. Sheffield Co-operative Development Group
Steve Thompson. Membership Secretary. The Co-operative Group
Chris Croome. Webarchitects
Phil Watson. Sheffield Renewables
Our next task is to make Co-operatives Fortnight a great success.

How can we present the co-operative ethos and culture to the wider public. How can we find ways to work together to build a stronger, more resilient cooperative movement?

This is an invitation to all co-operative organisations to let us know your ideas. Co-operatives Fortnight is the last week in June and the first week in July. International co-operatives day always falls on the
first Saturday in July: steve@sheffield.coop
For more information about the Co-operative Movement see:
or www.cooperatives-yh.coop

Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-03

To All Co-operators: The Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber
Newsletter March 2014
Members of CY&H are encouraged to use this newsletter to share information and news about their co-operatives.
If you would like to include something in the next edition
contact: steve@sheffield.coop

CY&H AGM took place on 19th February and the board was
Cheryl Barrott: Change AGEnts
Kath Clements: Principle Five
Chris Croome: Webarchitects
Alan Dootson: Sheffield Co-operative Development Group
Steve Thompson: The Co-operative Group
Steve Wagstaff: Lizianthus Trust
Phil Watson: Yorkshire Co-operative Party

The following co-operatives were welcomed into
Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) *
Leeds Community Bakery *
Calder Community Kitchen *
Enaleni Community Ltd *
Valley Organics Workers Co-op Ltd *
Sheffield Students Housing Co-operative *
Milnsbridge Co-operative Society Ltd *
Norfolk Park Day Care Nursery *
EduMake *
Principle Five: Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
* joined through Co-operatives UK

The AGM was followed by the Launch of
Principle Five: Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Rachael Vorberg-Rugh gave a talk about the book which she co-authored:

Building Co-operation: A business history of the Co-operative Group, 1863-2013
If you would like to join Principle Five or would like more
information, please contact
Steve Thompson;
tel: 0114 258 9412
Fairtrade Fortnight in Sheffield
Sheffield Fairtrade will be marking Fairtrade Fortnight in the Winter
Gardens, Sheffield, on Monday 3 March from 10am until 3pm. Fairtrade baking competition, displays, Mayor’s visit and special guest Aimeth, manager of a Fairtrade bananagrowing co-operative in Colombia.

The cartoonist “Polyp”, who wrote the graphic history “The Co-operative Revolution”, will be in Sheffield on Tuesday 25 March.Come and hear Polyp give a unique glimpse into the creation of the graphic novel, and hear more about it’s challenging ideas. Tues 25th March, 7:00pm, Quaker Meeting House (upstairs), 10 St James St, Sheffield (S1 2EW). See the attached flyer for full details.

Some useful co-operative links:

Social accounting and audit is about assessing the social
value generated by an organisation. Social Accounting and
Audit helps you prove, improve and account for the
difference you are making. Starting with that in mind, it helps
you to plan and manage your organisation as well as
demonstrate what you have achieved. The Social Audit
Network’s 2014 conference can help you to develop your
approach to tracking and reporting the difference that your
co-operative is making to your community.
The Co-operative North Region Membership is working with
the Social Audit Network to provide subsidised places for
four co-operatives in Yorkshire and Humber to attend the
conference – the conference fee is £125, but this will be
reduced to £25 for 4 members of Co-operatives Yorkshire
and Humber on a first come first served basis. Please
contact the Social Audit Network direct and quote “Cooperatives
YH” to book your supported place. One supported place per co-operative is available.
The conference is on Friday 4th April 2014 at Newcastle
University Business School – please see: http://www.socialauditnetwork.org.uk/events-training/sanconference-2014/ for further details.
Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber has 73 members, listed below. Please let me know if you see any errors in this list of Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber Members:

  1. Lifespan Community Collective
  2. Mitchell Coxan Creative Communications
  3. Co-operative Business Consultants
  4. Leeds Environmental Design Association
  5. Hazelhurst Community Supported Agriculture
  6. Natural Food Store Ltd
  7. Seven Hill Farmers Ltd
  8. Pedal Ready Co-operative Ltd
  9. Regather Co-operative Ltd
  10. Bradford City Supporters Trust
  11. Social Enterprise Support Centre Ltd
  12. Lupine Adventure Co-op
  13. Sheffield Renewables Ltd
  14. Fireside
  15. York Credit Union Ltd
  16. Sheffield Credit Union Ltd
  17. LILAC
  18. Hudswell Community Pub
  19. Footprint Workers Co-op
  20. St Andrews Housing Co-operative
  21. Green Travel planners Ltd
  22. Wooldale Co-operative Society Ltd
  23. First Question North Co-operative Ltd
  24. Ridings Machinery Ring Ltd
  25. Change AGEnts Network Ltd
  26. UK Society For Co-operative Studies
  27. National Guild of Co-operators
  28. White Rose Credit Union
  29. Triangle Wholefoods Collective Ltd (SUMA)
  30. South Yorkshire Credit Union Ltd
  31. Alpha Tennant Management Co-op
  32. Co-operative Help Project
  33. Voluntary Action Rotherham
  34. Slaithwaite Pig Co-operative
  35. Cornerstone Housing Co-operative
  36. Mutual Support
  37. Key Fund
  38. SEYH Ltd
  39. Yorkshire Co-operative Party Council
  40. Unity House (Wakefield) Ltd
  41. Webarch Co-operative Ltd
  42. Portland Works
  43. Schools & Homes Energy Education
  44. ESP Projects Ltd
  45. Spectrum Futures Ltd
  46. Cochabamba Project Ltd
  47. Huddersfield Town Supporters Association
  48. KABA PC
  49. The Fairtraders Co-operative
  50. Ethical Property Company
  51. The Rude Shipyard Ltd
  52. The Co-operative Group North Region
  53. Selby Young Persons Co-operative
  54. Pennine Community Power Ltd
  55. Lizianthus Trust
  56. Valley Wind Co-operative Ltd
  57. City Health Care Partnership CIC
  58. Enabled Works Ltd
  59. Ecclesfield Co-operative Womens Guild
  60. Pedallers Arms
  61. New Crofton Co-operative Colliery Ltd
  62. Fox and Goose (Hebden Bridge) *
  63. Leeds Community Bakery *
  64. Calder Community Kitchen *
  65. Enaleni Community Ltd *
  66. Valley Organics Workers Co-op Ltd *
  67. Sheffield Students Housing Co-operative *
  68. Milnsbridge Co-operative Society Ltd *
  69. Norfolk Park Day Care Nursery *
  70. EduMake *
  71. Principle Five: Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
  72. Sheffield Music Co-operative
  73. Principle Five: Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

*joined through the Memorandum of Understanding with Co-operatives UK

Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-02

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber AGM
11:00a.m. Aizlewoods Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
Wednesday 19th February 2014 Launch of Principle Five (Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre) follows the AGM.

Booksigning and talk by Rachael Vorberg-Rugh co-author of ‘Building Co-operation’ the story of the Co-operative Group/CWS 1863 to 2013 “Rachael Vorberg-Rugh is currently a researcher with the Co-operative College, and previously served as project officer for the National Co-operative Archive and Rochdale Pioneers Museum”
to book on to this event go to EVENTBRITE
Ethical Property
Ethical Property provide affordable, flexible and fully managed office space to charities, social enterprises, voluntary groups and organisations working in creative fields and the arts.
Our centre on Leadmill Road in Sheffield (located very close to Sheffield train station) provides office space managed in a transparent and supportive way with the focus upon the sharing of
resources and the creation of a communal working environment.
We currently have a variety of spaces available, to suit all budgets,
in Sheffield and beyond. If you are interested and feel you and
your organisation could benefit from the facilities we provide,
please call 01225 750 925, email janine@ethicalproperty.co.uk
visit www.ethicalproperty.co.uk or follow us on twitter
Green Schools Revolution
Over 6,000 schools are now taking part in this exciting free
sustainability programme from The Co-operative, including
950 in the North region (775 primary and 175 secondary
The programme provides a range of inspiring curriculumlinked
resources to encourage creative thinking around key
topics like energy, water, healthy living and biodiversity.
Pupils at participating schools can also get out of the
classroom to bring learning to life on exciting free school
trips to Co-operative Farms, to find out how food is grown
and to The Co-operative’s wind farm, to find out about
renewable energy. See www.greenschools.coop.
The Green Schools Revolution competition, open for entries
until 28 March, gives participating schools the chance to win
a share of an £18,000 prize fund to support their ecoendeavours.
See http://www.co-operative.coop/green-schoolsrevolution/
whats-going-on/ for further details.
What are the Future Prospects for Co-operatives ?
An Event to Provoke Thinking and Consultation on the prospects and opportunities for co-operative developments for the Sheffield City region
Organised by The Social Economy Forum * and stimulated by…..
Ed Mayo: Secretary General Co-operatives UK.
Meg Munn: Sheffield Heeley: Labour & Co-operative MP
Date: Friday 7th February 2014
Time: 2pm to 4.30pm
Place: Sheffield Town Hall: Reception Rooms
Purpose: We want to stimulate discussion around what can co-ops offer for:
1. Growing Economic Prospects across the Sheffield City Region,
2. Creating New Job Opportunities for the SCR
3. Contributing to the Social Renewal of the City Region “
We will also welcome feedback on what should be done to grow new opportunities through Co-operative ventures and initiatives and how the Local Enterprise Partnership can help this.
The co-operative economy contributes £35.6 billion annually and has 13.5 million members. It has grown consistently throughout the worst economic crisis in living memory – 23% growth since 2008. But last year, the Co-op Bank fiascos made a huge dent in the co-operative reputation, values and public perceptions. This raises
questions such as:
• Can this growth continue? ………… So, what are the future  prospects?
• What do we want to achieve for Our City Region?
• How can the LEP and other City Region & National players support this?
You will need to sign up by Friday 31st January.
TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE at scci.org.uk then go to events button
Share your thoughts & experiences for Co-operative Futures.
What are the Future Prospects for Co-operatives ?
Co-ops Y n H newsletter headers-01

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2014. The newsletter is a showcase for co-operative organisations in the Region. CY&H members are invited to submit articles, information and notices to share through this newsletter.

Contact: steve@sheffield.coop or tel: 0114 258 9412

Here are some of the CY&H members.
Change Agents: The Older People’s Participation Co-operative.
Yorkshire Co-operative Party.
The Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre launch will be on
Wednesday 19th February
12:00 noon
Aizlewood’s Mill
Rachael Vorberg-Rugh, a co-author of ‘Building Co-operation’ will give a talk and sign copies of this excellent book which tells the story
of the CWS/Co-operative Group.
Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
Sheffield S3 8GG
Co-operative lending library and information centre now open by
appointment steve@sheffield.coop
to find out more see: https://sheffield.coop/ycrc
Keep in touch with what’s happening in the Co-operative Movement
read the Co-operative News.
It would be very helpful if CY&H members would consider switching their telecoms provider to the Phone Co-op. By quoting AF0461 you will be helping to fund the Co-operative Movement in the Region.
Check out the tariff and terms which offer good value.

The Phone Co-op
Phone and Broadband, business telecoms, mobile
• is a co-operative owned by its members
• is an ethical and attractive alternative to other telecoms providers
• is environmentally sustainable
• pays out a dividend to its customers who are members
• pays interest of 2.25% per annum on members savings
• Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is an affinity partner
Switch today and quote AF0461 Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber.
This will help to support CY&H and give you £10 credit.
Tel: 0845 458 9040
Sheffield Co-operatives
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Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber



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