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Reviving Co-operative Culture


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Co-operative Bank closes accounts of

Cuba Solidarity Campaign and Palestinian Solidarity Campaign



Ways Forward 4 Event

Building An Economy For People Not For Profit will take place on 21 January 2016, bringing together trade unionists, co-operators, activists from social enterprises and anti-austerity political parties, and all those seeking to create a prosperous caring society, to explore how a people’s economy can be shaped to benefit everyone.

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How can the UK make care fair?

Co-operative social and community workers in the UK are set to form a guild to encourage dialogue, best practice and effective safeguarding in the co- operative care sector.

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It’s time we valued our digital freedom

Informative article in Peace News



With all good wishes for the festive season




December 2015


Crowdfund campaign ends on 4th December

supporting families protecting forests


ArBolivia supports over 1,000 families across the

Bolivian Amazon, who have planted over 1.5 million

native trees on previously deforested land as part of a

holistic land-use and long term capacity building

programme to reduce levels of poverty and


Please support our campaign at:


crowdfund campaign ends on 4th December

The Cochabamber Project Ltd



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Co-operative News
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Fairtrade At Christmas.

Remember Fairtrade when Christmas shopping

In Holmfirth See what the Fair Trader has to offer


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Good Taste


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The Co-operative College

co-op college

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National Co-operative Archive

Located in central Manchester, the National Co-operative Archive is

home to a wide array of records relating to the history of the

worldwide co-operative movement. The collections include rare books,

periodicals, manuscripts, films, photographs and oral histories, and

provide researchers with an unrivalled resource for the development of

the co-operative movement, from the initial ideas of the eighteenth

century to the present day.


Rochdale Pioneers Museum

The Rochdale Pioneers Museum exists to preserve the original store of

the Rochdale Pioneers and to generate an understanding of the ideals

and principles of the co-operative movement.



Co-operative Bank – ethical no more?

From Alt-Shef


In a shocking move, the Co-operative Bank has suddenly closed down

the accounts of 21 organisations supporting Palestine, with no

explanation other referring to its ”risk appetite”. The list includes three

local organisations; Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC),

Sheffield Palestine Women’s Scholarship Fund, and Yorkshire Palestine

Cultural Exchange.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is taking legal action against the

bank, accusing it of discrimination and contravening the Equality Act

2010. Its Director, Sarah Colborne, said ”It is quite clear that the Co-

operative Bank no longer cares about human rights – the Palestinians

suffer incursions on their human rights day in, day out at the hands of

an occupying force that continues to violate international law. In the

UK we have a great tradition of solidarity organisations coming

together to stand against human rights violations throughout the world

this is something that the Co-operative Bank should support and not


There is no evidence (yet) of Israeli influence on the decision, but there

was a fear that the ethical policies of the Co-operative Bank would be

compromised, after the near-collapse resulted in a buy-out by US

hedge funds, of around 70% of its equity.

http://www.palestinecampaign.org/co-operative-bank-close-pscs- account/#_edn1

The Co-operative Bank has also closed down the account of the

Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Editors note: I have had an account with the Co-operative Bank since

1971. I chose the Co-operative Bank because I knew that it was decent

and ethical. It seems that this is no longer the case. I am ashamed to

write a cheque which bears the name ‘Co-operative’ when the bank is

anything but. For this reason I am in the process of switching my

account to another provider.

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber

November 2015Coops_Yorkshire_Humber

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber Welcome

The Handmade Bakery into membership

Bakery and cafe, Slaithwaite



P5 membership logo ver 2Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

Telephone: 0114 2823132

This is a growing centre for co-operative culture and education. Become a member
Subscription £10 per year
Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG


White poppies tell the story of the alternative Remembrance Day

Co-operative News Article by Anca Voinea


The White Peace Poppy originated with the Co-operative Women’s Guild

The guild was founded in 1883 in England and Wales and 1892 in Scotland, to educate women in the principles and practices of co-operation and to work to improve the status of women.
Early guildswomen achieved much. A maternity benefit was included in the 1911 National Insurance Act because of guild pressure. At the same time, the guild campaigned successfully for infant welfare facilities.
After World War I, it campaigned for peace, introducing the white peace poppy in 1933.
“Working for world peace has been an important part of guild work,” says Colette Harber, general secretary of the Co-operative Women’s Guild. “Since the mid-thirties, white peace poppies have been widely distributed through the Peace Pledge Union. Guildswomen very often wear both poppies; the red poppy to remember those who have fallen and the white poppy for world peace.
Read more:

The Co-operative Women’s Guild has played an important role in building a more decent society. Sadly, a decision was taken to dissolve the organisation, see report;




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Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is proud to sell Revolver coffee, helping to build a fairer and more co-operative world. Find out more about Revolver co-operative.
For coffee contact: steve@sheffield.coop

Always available at Aizlewood’s Mill
all at £3.50 per pack
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Aizlewood’s Mill is wholly owned by Sheffield Co-operative Development Group



Beanies Wholefoods, a worker co-operative based in Sheffield, has been voted Best Independent Retailer in the 2015 Observer Food Monthly Awards.

See feature in Co-operative News

Author: Rebecca Harvey

The Ecology Building Society
Investing in the co-operative movement

Co-operative News Article by Kate Duggan


Ecology Head Office

Freeing the movement from fossil fuels
Co-operative News Article
by Dr Steven Glynn and Fiona Nicholls

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber
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Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG



October 2015

Welcome to our newest member
The Co-working Co-operative CIC
18-20 Union Street
Sheffield S1 2JP

Renewable Energy

Newsflash: Changes to the Feed in Tariff




Radical Hope Conference
Sheffield Co-operative Party and Compass
Saturday 24th October 2015
The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane,
Sheffield, S1 4FW
10am – 4pm
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Brand New Events Programme
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Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber are supporters of
the Co-operative Sustainability Network





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Co-operative – Fairtrade – Organic – Excellent

Ground coffee

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This newsletter is dependent on CY&H members providing material. Please contact steve@sheffield.coop



September 2015


Help to build the co-operative commonwealth through principle 5. Education, Training and information.

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Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

The 1st General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th September. 6:30pm for a prompt start at 7:00pm

in the upstairs room of The Harlequin

(next door to Aizlewood’s Mill)

Nursery Street

Sheffield S3 8GG

Join now, and be part of this new co-operative.

Contact: steve@sheffield.coop



Is a Community Benefit Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with an asset lock which means that we operate on a not for profit basis.

Sheffield Money works with partners that share our vision of fairness.

We contract with them. We refer our customers to them and in return, they offer the very best price that they can to residents of Sheffield.

They pay us a commission, so that our customers don’t pay us a fee.

70 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP view on map

Mon-Fri. 09:00 – 17:00

Tel: 0114 399 5555 request call–back




Co-operative Party backs Stella Creasy for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

The Co-operative Party has endorsed Stella Creasy’s campaign to become the next Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Karin Christiansen, General Secretary of the Co-operative Party said:

We are proud to be backing Stella’s campaign to be Deputy Leader. She is a powerful advocate for a modern co-operative movement and she will put co-operative values at the centre of Labour leadership team.”

Speaking to Co-operative Party members and supporters, Stella Creasy said:

It is a great honour to have the support of the Co-operative Party in my bid to be Labour’s next Deputy Leader.

The Co-op – its pioneers, values and traditions – are part of my political DNA. When I took on legal loan sharks, I didn’t do it alone but with colleagues from across our credit unions and social enterprises. This was no accident. Over the last 100 years, it is Labour working with the Co-op Party that has helped make Britain a fairer country where power and wealth are more equally shared.

Labour cannot be the progressive, people-led party it wants to be without having you at its heart. Whether fighting for public services, a better deal for consumers or new policies on housing, we need to get our distinctive policy agenda heard across the Labour movement. As the only Labour & Co-operative MP standing for the Deputy Leadership, I have the determination and the experience to make this happen. That’s why I’m asking for your vote.”

Stella Creasy is the Labour & Co-operative MP for Walthamstow.

Click here to read more about why Stella is standing and to support her campaign.



UK Society for Co-operative Studies’ Annual Conference

‘Exploring the Common: Co-operatives and the Alternatives’.

Bookings are now open for the UK Society for Co-operative Studies’ Annual Conference, ‘Exploring the Common: Co-operatives and the Alternatives’.

Full details are pasted to the bottom of this email, and places booked by 15th August will be £20 cheaper than those booked afterwards. We are particularly please that Dame Pauline Green will be joining us for the weekend to reflect on her time as ICA President and on the future of the international co-operative movement.

We would be delighted if Co-ops Yorkshire and Humber would like to send one or more delegates to this event. For organisations, residential delegates staying on the Saturday night cost £150 and Day Visitors cost £95 if booked by 15th August. Saturday B&B is £50 and Sunday Lunch £15 – see www.ukscs.coop/conference2015

‘Exploring the Common: Co-operatives and the Alternatives’
UKSCS Annual Conference, Leicester University, 5-6 September 2015

Book by 15th August and Save £20!

This friendly conference is a chance for members, managers and activists from a range of Co-operatives and member-based organisations to share experiences and explore ideas with students and academics engaged in research and teaching.

Session topics include:

– Reflections on the International Co-operative Movement
– Co-operative and Trades Union Convergence
– The Life and Times of William Hazell and the Hebden Bridge Fustian Society
– Co-operatives Commons and the Co-operative Commonwealth
– Research Round-table

Contributors include:
Dame Pauline Green
Andrew Bibby
Alun Burge
Dr Cilla Ross
Dr Paul Jones
Josef Davies-Coates
Dr. Peter Davis
Karin Christiansen

Student bursaries available – please email richardbickle@cooptel.net for details.






Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber


August 2015

Welcome to the August newsletter.

The Co-operative Movement has been through a sad time in recent years, bringing disappointment to many of us, with the effective loss of the Co-operative Group from the Movement. But there are many success stories in the wider co-operative movement to remind us of the power which co-operation has to change society for the wellbeing of all rather than just a few. It seems to me that this is a good time to celebrate the successes of co-operatives and to cultivate a much more cohesive co-operative movement.

For this reason there is a section on the Sheffield Co-operatives website named Co-operative Culture. I have written these articles over the last year or two and still keep adding to them. I hope that you will take time to read them and to share them with others.


If you would like to respond to any of these articles I will be happy to publish your comments in future newsletters.



Webarchitects are a Sheffield based workers co-operative delivering IT and Internet services. Formed in July 2011 they have offices at “Creative Arts Development Space” Sheffield, and deliver their services out of Sheffield and Iceland.

Chris of Webarchitects says “We’d been providing web and IT services for a decade or more, but reformed as a co-op specifically to target green and environmental issues in IT. Our hosting in Iceland is all geothermal powered, making it inherently carbon neutral, and we negotiated with our
Sheffield data centre provider to move their entire Sheffield operation to “Good Energy”. We believe that this made them the first UK datacentre powered by sustainable electricity.”

Webarchitects have great experience of providing information security services to progressive social rights and justice organisations. During the UK Occupy campaigns Webarchitects provided input for the Occupy Sheffield website. Of all the Occupy websites, this was the only one
that was free of corporate web ‘bugs’ and advertising tools.

Other clients that Webarchitects have provided consultancy for include “Ceasefire” magazine; https://ceasefiremagazine.co.uk/ and “Child Rights
International Network” https://crin.org . Chris says “We’ve always taken privacy and security of our systems seriously and are always happy to advise on the best way to deliver IT services securely. We donate to International Modern Media Initiative, a project to build a legal framework in Iceland that protects free speech and data from corporate
and state surveillance”.

“Other cool services we’ve been working with clients on are “ownCloud” which is a way for an organisation to set up their own online document, calendars and contacts system, and securing WordPress installations.”

For more information on Webarchitects see https://webarchitects.coop or
call 0114 2769709



Has exceeded its target of £200,000 by £63,422

1,525 investors have raised £263,422

Why become a co-operative?

Most of the news media in the UK is owned by a handful of corporations and proprietors. But instead, as a co-operative, Positive News will be owned by hundreds or thousands of people with an equal say on important matters, meaning it’s a more democratic form of ownership. We will then be ultimately accountable to you, our readers, ensuring that we always report in your interests. And because we are a co-operative, our profits will be reinvested in achieving the aims of Positive News and serving our community.

Like the Co-operative News and The Morning Star, Positive News is now owned by its readers


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Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre is preparing for it’s first AGM which will be on the 8th September. This will be an opportunity for its members to decide on the best way for the Centre to help in the development of co-operative culture in the Region. It will also be the first opportunity for members to stand for and elect it’s Board of Directors.

This is a good time for co-operators to consider joining and supporting the Resource Centre and helping to plan and take part in a programme of activity. There is already a P5 Study Group.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations. Subscriptions are on a sliding scale for you to choose.

For more information:





to join


Rekindle the Trinity of Union-Labour and Co-op



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The Co-operative News mission statement is to connect, champion and challenge the global co-operative movement, through fair and objective journalism and open and honest comment and debate.

Keep in touch with all the issues across the co-operative sector by joining our free monthly newsletter for the whole movement.



FairMarket – Good news

Fairmarket the online ethical trading platform www.fairmarket.coop is moving ahead in its development, having very recently been welcomed into the Fairmondo family www.fairmondo.de after their general assembly voted overwhelmingly that we can work collaboratively with them in developing and delivering Fairmarket to the UK . We now need YOU our co-operative friends to help us shape the future …….as a seller of a product or a service ,tell us what you think via our survey monkey link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TYKW887 All completed surveys are in with a chance to win 6 bottles of Fairtrade wine Please feel free to contact linda@fairmarket.coop


We are a co-operative and members of Co-operatives UK. We believe in a fairer world and know that business has its part to play in delivering world solutions to world problems. Spreading co-operation and Fairness is simple, but it’s also revolutionary.

Revolver coffees are available from Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber.

Lembas, Sheffield. http://www.lembas.co.uk/

Or directly from Revolver



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Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG

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Sheffield Town Hall Balcony

Co-operatives Fortnight

20th June – 4th July 2015




Campaign for Democratic Cooperation

Co-operative Business Consultants (CBC) has launched a survey to consider the creation of a broad Britain and Ireland-based campaign for co-operation. Its aim is to bring together individual co-operators and would-be co-operators to assist in developing the co-operative movement.

This would include actively defending the co-operative identity, assisting co-operative business development, face to face and online networking, modelling co-operatives as more economically and socially productive than capitalism and bureaucratic state control, and promoting a co-operative, democratic and solidarity economy.

For further info.



formerly known as Ethical Bay



The Co-operative Economy 2015



Sustainable, co-operative hosting you can depend on.

Hosting and Servers

Hosting for all websites, from the very small to the international.

Design and Development

New website builds, redesigns and upgrades.

  • Software installation and modifications – content management systems: Word Press, Drupal, Get Simple …

  • Collaboration tools and social networks – websites which help people work together.

  • Marketing and sales websites to support small businesses, freelancers, trades and artists.

Minimise your carbon footprint



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Established in 1871, Co-operative News is published by Co-operative Press Ltd, an independent registered co-operative society. It is registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a bona fide co-operative, registration IP 1585R.
Membership of Co-operative Press is open to individual readers as well as to other co-operatives, corporate bodies and unincorporated organisations. The Co-operative News mission statement is to connect, champion and challenge the global co-operative movement, through fair and objective journalism and open and honest comment and debate.Fortnightly. Subscription £49 per year.
Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester M60 0AS
Tel: 0161 214 0870


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Quote affinity number;

AF 0461 Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber


Revolver Coffee at Principle 5


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Send content for the August newsletter to;

Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber



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Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Principle 5 will be having its first general meeting later this
year. We hope that by that time some of our members will
have decided to stand for election to the Board.
Co-operators are encouraged to take an active part in
bringing co-operative education and culture to life in the
The founding Board have made a start and established;
• A co-operative lending library and archive
• A resource for active co-operators
• A study Group
Help is required in these three areas of activity.
We are also seeking help to plan a programme of co-
operative film screenings.
Principle 5 needs members who will help to revive co-
operative culture and education. If you are interested in
being involved please contact;
Steve Thompson: steve@sheffield.coop
Tel: 0114 2589412
Principle 5, Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG

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Revolver AGM

26th June at 12.00. Birmingham Town Hall

(no need to be registered for Congress to attend).
Guest Speaker: Britta Werner of Unicorn –

Manchester’s Co-operative grocery

To register e.mail; AGM@Revolver.coop


Co-op News Logo


The Co-operative News AGM will be held on

Friday 26th June at 2:30pm. Birmingham Town Hall

Register your interest and submit questions prior to the debate; www.thenews.coop/AGM

Co-operative Congress

Co-op Congress 2015

Co-operative Group AGM 2015
for full report see Co-operative News

Co-operatives Fortnight 2015

Principle 5 and Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber will be at the Castlegate Festival, Castle House, Angel Street

20th and 21st June 2015



Fair Shares

Multi-stakeholder co-operation in member-owned
social enterprises.
FairShares Association Conference 2015
Tuesday, 7 July 2015 from 10:00 to 16:00 (BST)



is becoming a co-operative
for info about shares see;
News, articles and notices are always welcomed for the
newsletter. Contact:
Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber
Aizlewood’s Mill
Nursery Street
Sheffield S3 8GG


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Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber

May 2015


Crisis of Democracy at the Co-operative Group
To see the proposed emergency motion for the AGM of the Co-operative
Group see;


This is open for qualified members to sign.

To the President , National Members Council The Co-operative Group.

It is becoming increasingly clear to many active co-operative
members that the Co-operative Group Chair designate and
Executive do not understand the concept of the Co-operative
Movement. It is also evident to many of us that they do not want
the Group to be part of it.
The Co-op is a whole collection of organisations which work
together in order to transform Society for the better. Until now, the
CWS, Retail Societies and what has become the Co-operative
Group have been part of that Movement. That is why active co-
operators have given their time and energy and creativity to the
Co-operative Group. They would not give that to a supermarket
retailer which is outside of the Co-operative Movement. Yet, the
direction in which the Chair designate and Executive are taking
the business, is to move it out of the Sector. We are close to the
point where there is no longer anything of substance which
differentiates the Co-operative Group from ASDA, Tesco,
Sainsbury’s et al. There will therefore no longer be a reason for the
members to be supportive of it.
There is a vibrant and growing Co-operative Movement which I
know many members are helping to nurture. As things stand, we
are close to the point where the Co-operative Group will no longer
be part of that.
You will know that I have proposed an emergency motion for the
AGM which is gaining a lot of support.
The Emergency Motion asks the AGM to uphold what any
authentic co-operative has the right to expect, democracy as
opposed to dictatorship. It asks the members, as owners of the Co-
op, to stand up for open elections and our political engagement in
society, which the Chair designate and Executive have refused to
Defending open elections and political engagement through this
AGM motion constitutes an emergency because without it the
undemocratic ballot for Member Nominated Directors would be
allowed to stand. Without this emergency motion, a vote on the
Group’s membership of the Co-operative Party would take place
without informed consent.
The emergency motion would not be necessary if the Board had
respected the votes taken at the Members Council on 7 March and
12 April.
It is not surprising that there is a lot of anger amongst the
membership. But let us use that anger positively, to recommit the Co-
operative Group to open elections and remain a vital part of the Co-
operative Movement by committed engagement, particularly with
the political wing.

Steve Thompson


Co-op News Logo
To subscribe (via credit card/direct debit)
Or send a cheque for £49 (made payable to Co-operative Press Ltd) to:

Co-operative News, Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester, M60 0AS

Co-operative News publishes a fortnightly magazine in the UK, which aims to
connect, champion and challenge the global co-operative movement, through
fair and objective journalism and open and honest comment and debate.


Nepal Earthquake Appeal
We at Fair Trader would like to show our support for this appeal see links.


Aizlewood’s Mill Celebrates 25 years of
Serving the Co-operative Movement
1990 – 2015

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown returned to re-open Aizlewood’s Mill
business centre in Sheffield on Monday 27th April.
The Mill, which celebrates 25 years of restoration this year, was built on the
site of Sheffield Castle’s garden, and is the city’s very first co-operatively
owned and run workspace and was opened by Dr Brown in July 1990.
Operating as a prime example of managed workspace within a Grade II
listed building, Aizlewood’s Mill provides 59 offices to rent to SMEs as well as
conference and meeting rooms and virtual offices.
Cath Beatty, the centre manager who invited Gordon Brown on behalf of the
owners Sheffield Co-operative Development Group, said: “We really didn’t
think this close to election time Dr Brown would be able to join us, but as he
is already in the area, we were thrilled to discover he would be able to
celebrate 25 years of success with us.”
Gordon Brown toured the building and rededicated the Mill, cutting the
ribbon with scissors from Ernest Wright, which were also made in Sheffield.
Manager Cath concluded: “Mr Brown was delighted to see how the Mill has
gone from strength to strength supporting local businesses, many of whom
are still thriving co-operatively owned entities. Aizlewood’s Mill is an
example of worker-owned organisations that have survived very difficult
times and is excelling in the local market against all the odds.”
For information about Aizlewood’s Mill
For information about Sheffield Co-operative Development Group
For information about Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

P5 Board with Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown at Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Alan Dootson (SCDG), Mary Wilkinson, Dennis Chambers, Steve Thompson
(directors of P5) and Gordon Brown.
Please send your news stories and notices for the June edition to:


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Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber
April Supplement

positive-news-logo     http://positivenews.org.uk/ 

Inspiration for a change
Positive News is the world’s first publication dedicated to reporting positive
developments. We take a solution-focused perspective on the challenges
facing society.
Through compelling and rigorous journalism, we aim to inform, inspire and
empower our readers, while helping create a more balanced and
constructive media.
After 22 years of publication as a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, Positive
News is becoming a Co-operative.
A share offer is being launched.
For information see:


To register for the Co-operative Marque see:
For advice contact CY&H Secretary
Steve Wagstaff


Co-op News Logo

Co-operative News is published by Co-operative Press, a readers co-
operative. It’s a fortnightly newspaper which has editorial
independence and has reported on the Co-operative sector since 1871.
About Co-operative Press
Established in 1871, Co-operative News is published by Co-operative Press
Ltd, an independent registered co-operative society. It is registered under
the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 as a bona fide
co-operative, registration IP 1585R.
Membership of Co-operative Press is open to individual readers as well as to
other co-operatives, corporate bodies and unincorporated organisations.
The Co-operative News mission statement is to
champion and
the global co-operative movement, through fair and objective
journalism and open and honest comment and debate. Coming soon: You
will be able to join Co-operative Press as a member online.
For a subscription contact:
Co-operative News
Holyoake House,
Hanover Street,
Manchester M60 0AS
Tel: 0161 214 0870

P5 membership logo ver 2

For more information contact:



The Dragons’ Apprentice: a social enterprise novel

by Rory Ridley-Duff
Fast forward to 2032. In a co operative world full of social enterprises, the
BBC hires a new quartet of Dragons…
Warren is an entrepreneur who has successfully amassed billions.
Unfortunately, since receiving an ASBO for anti social investing, he has been
banned from starting any new ventures. Then he receives a call from Sharon
– an ambitious producer at the BBC – to ask if he would like to put his
unemployed capital back to work on a new game show. Should he accept?

The Dragons Apprentice



To Co-operators everywhere

Will the Co-operative Group move out of the Co-operative
Movement and into the mainstream supermarket sector?

The new rule book gives the executive far more power than they
have ever had.
It is now up to the 2.8 million members to
Keep It Co-op;
If you receive a voting pack and can’t get to the AGM, complete
Sections B and D of the pack and vote yes to all parts of
motions 9 and 10.
See media stories;
View the film;
The Co-operative Group has been going off course for some years.
Under Peter Marks leadership as CEO the Group prioritised
‘becoming big’ rather than being co-operative. This led to unwise
business deals which resulted in the Co-operative losing half of its
assets and getting into major debt.

It was deemed appropriate to sweep away the co-operative
democracy and write a new rule book. This means that the Co-
operative Board is now occupied by appointees from outside of
the Co-operative Movement. The members of the Co-op have
effectively been reduced to the role of members of a Building
Society. The executive want to sweep away the Co-operative
Ethos and feel that they have complete power to do that. They feel
safe in the assumption that 2.8 million members will not be aware
of the situation and will carry forward the wishes of the executive.
As they seem to have no wish for the business to be considered as
part of the Co-operative Sector, they have no interest in Co-
operative political representation and want the
Co-op Group to stop funding the Co-operative Party.

For anyone who values the Co-operative Sector, it is important to
remember that the thing which made the Co-operative Group
different to the other supermarket chains, is that they used the
profits (or surplus) to fund and support the Co-operative

Despite going through a period of loss making, large sums of
money have been spent on changing the democratic structure and
paying for a top heavy and expensive executive and a second head
office in London and exorbitant ‘gardening leave’ deals for
The new executive and appointed board members are clearly not
interested in remaining a co-operative and have made it clear that
they want to be like all the rest.

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Co-operatives Yorkshire & the Humber
April 2015

Aizlewood’s Mill

Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the Co-operative Movement

 A.M. showing river

For the full story see:

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is always happy to introduce you to our members, see below.

The Ecology difference
The Ecology Building Society puts people and planet first.
When you save with us, you know your money is being used to help build a more sustainable future. And if you need a mortgage for a property or project that will benefit the environment or local communities, you’ll find we’re keen to help.
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We help to publicise DIY alternatives to global capitalism; radical, co-operative, not-for-profit, social and ethical organisations, groups and events with a political focus.
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Ideas for inclusion are very welcome but we reserve the right to give priority to items we consider will fit the definition above. We value equality and reject any language, imagery, or other forms of communication promoting racism, fascism, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism or any other form of discrimination.
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Principle 5

P5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Open every Monday
other times by appointment
For membership information contact;
Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
Sheffield Co-operatives
for updated website see;
All members of CY&H are encouraged to contribute to this newsletter. Please send your notices, stories, comments, letters or general co-op information to: steve@sheffield.coop

The Co-operative Group now has a new rule book. To read it go to:


For the Guide to the rules of the Co-operative Group Ltd


The AGM will be held in Manchester on the
16th May
Useful websites

International Co-operative Alliance
The Co-operative Party

The Co-operative Identity
Revolver Co-operative
Co-operative News
Co-operatives UK
The Rochdale Pioneers Museum
Sheffield Co-operatives
The Phone Co-op

And, of course, our own website


co-ops y n h logoCo-operatives Yorkshire &Humber
Newsletter March 2015


The CY&H AGM was on the 4th March
and members were made welcome at LILAC Co-housing where the meeting took place
The New Board
Chair: Cheryl Barrott. Change Agents
Secretary: Steve Wagstaff. The Fairtraders Co-operative (Holmfirth)
Treasurer: Alan Dootson. Sheffield Co-operative Development Group
Membership and Newsletter: Steve Thompson. Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative
Resource Centre
Phil Watson. Sheffield Renewables
Neil Rhodes. Yorkshire & Humber Co-operative Party

Co-op Marque

In 2014, the International Co-operative Alliance released the new logo of co-
operative identity, the Co-op Marque. All bona fide co-operatives are entitled to
register to use the marque on both online and paper communications, banners
etc. CY&H has already registered and has assisted Principle 5 in registering. Boost
your organisation’s co-operative identity by using the marque. For help with
registering your organisation, contact the CY&H Secretary.

The Newsletter
Co-operatives are encouraged to use this newsletter to communicate with
members throughout the region.
Contact newsletter editor. steve@sheffield.coop

Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

The Centre is now open every Monday 10:00 – 4:00.
For information about membership contact:

Co-operatives Yorkshire & the Humber: Review of 2014

In 2014, Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber faced somewhat financially
straightened circumstances, so we have had to operate on a much reduced
budget (see financial report). On the other hand, we are fortunate to be able to
rely on plenty of activist energy within the organisation, so we still managed to
achieve quite a lot in developing support for our member organisations and the
co-operative movement in our region.

Re-designed website

We now have a better designed website which is updated every month. It
includes a directory of all of our member organisations, latest news and events
and information about our affinity agreements and other links with the co-
operative movement. If you wish to place a small advert of your trade or
business, in the form of a widget on the website, contact the CY&H Membership

E-mail Newsletter

All of our members have regularly received our monthly e-mail newsletter
throughout 2014. If you wish to advertise an event, or any aspect of your trade or
business, in the newsletter, contact the CY&H Membership Secretary.

Welcome Pack

In 2014, we developed our New Members’ Welcome Pack, which explains how we
operate and what services we provide. If you would like to receive an electronic
copy, contact the Membership Secretary. The pack also explains our affinity
agreement with the Phone Co-op, where our members can help to support Co-
operatives Yorkshire & Humber

Supported launch & development of Principle 5

CY&H has played an important part in helping a new co-operative, Principle 5:
Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre, to launch itself. P5 has brought together
co-operative educational and archive materials, and is starting to develop co-
operative educational services. A successful networking event for CY&H and P5
members was held, to promote the new history of the Co-operative Group,
“Building Co-operation”.
And another event, ‘Celebrating Co-operation – From principle 5 to principle 6’.

Revolver Co-operative

CY&H has become an outlet for Revolver coffee, the co-operative movement’s fair
trade coffee co-operative. Buy competitively-priced coffee at CY&H events and
support fair trade co-operation amongst co-operatives.

Co-operative Movement events

CY&H sent representatives to the following events in 2014:
Co-operatives Fair, Red & Green Club, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield
Third Sector, State and Market Conference, Sheffield
Co-operatives UK Practitioners’ Forum, Manchester
Ways Forward Conference, Manchester
Phone Co-op AGM, Manchester
Steve Wagstaff joined members of the P5 Board on visit to the National Co-
operative Archive and to Co-operative Press.
CY&H members continued to attend regular meetings with Co-ops UK and other

Some useful links

Keep it Co-op. Co-operative Party campaign. keepit.coop
Co-operative News. thenews.coop
Sheffield Co-operatives. sheffield.coop
The Phone Co-op. thephone.coop
The guide to Sheffield’s
radical, alternative, ethical
business and groups. alt-sheff.org
Co-operatives UK. uk.coop
And, of course, our own website


co-ops y n h logo

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber Newsletter

February 2015

Welcome to the February newsletter. CY&H would like to introduce you to our newest member ethical Bay.

It is going to be a busy year for ethicalBay as we try to build a Development Team, find funding, build the website and a multi-stakeholder cooperative. There is much to do……..and we need our collective effort to succeed.

We are a cooperative enterprise dedicated to building an ethical online market place that is owned and controlled by its producers and consumers.


The Revolver website is back!


Revolver Coffee always available from

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber


Leeds Bread Co-op

are recruiting



CY&H AGM 2015

See notice sent out separately

Wednesday 4 March 2015

LILAC Co-Housing, Lilac Grove, Leeds LS5 3AG


10.45 Registration and tea/coffee

11.15 Welcome and Introduction

11.20 Minutes of 2014 AGM & Matters Arising

11.25 Financial Report

11.30 Membership Report

11.45 Review: CY&H in 2014, plans for 2015

12.00 Elections to the Board

12.10 Motions

12.15 AOB

Attendance and voting: every member organisation of CY&H may send as many representatives as desired, but only one voting delegate. There is no proxy voting for members not attending.

Nominations for the Board may be taken immediately before the Board Election. A nominee must be a person who is entitled to represent one or more member organisations. Voting is by show of hands, either for or against each individual. The Board is constituted of between 4 and 8 persons.

Motions must be notified to the current Secretary, Steve Wagstaff [steve.wagstaff@bcs.org.uk] by 5pm on Tuesday 24 February.


At the last meeting of CY&H the priorities for strategy were agreed as:

1st object – Champion the Identity, Values and Principles of co-operation in the Region.

2nd object – Promote the development of the co-operative economy in the Region.

3rd object – Create social cohesion through co-operative solutions.

4th objective – Ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded in all CY&H activity.

Members are encouraged to use this newsletter to communicate to the Movement about their co-operatives and issues which will be of interest to the Sector.

Contact newsletter editor Steve Thompson.



co-ops y n h logo

Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber Newsletter

January 2015


Happy New Year to all co-operators. I hope that you find this newsletter useful, please pass it on to your members and everyone who you think might be interested.

We welcome contributions to this newsletter from CY&H members. The AGM will be held in Leeds in March (provisionally booked for the 4th March) confirmation to follow. Format will be formal AGM, Buffet lunch, discussion of CYH strategy and legal form.

Please check our website to make sure that your organisation is listed correctly and that it links to your website. Our members are listed alphabetically both by name and by location. https://www.cooperatives-yh.coop/

Principle 5 Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre

The Board of Principle 5 are putting together an

introductory pack which will be sent out to all CY&H members with news of plans for this year. I hope that this co-operative resource will prove to be useful to the Movement and that as many of you as possible will take the step of becoming supporting members.

For more information see:


contact Steve. Tel: 0114 258 9412



“Devolution,Co-operative Democracy, and the General Election”

16th January 9-30a.m. to 4-30p.m

Leeds Civic Hall

No registration fee, free lunch and refreshments.

Yorkshire Co-op Party conference on regional government, transport, migration,co-operatives, and Europe.

Speakers include:

Linda Mc Avan, MEPfor Yorkshire & the Humber

Cllr KeithWakefield, Leader of Leeds City Council

Cllr James Lewis, Chair of West Yorkshire Combined Transport Committee

Paul Ellis, Chief Executive of Ecology Building Society

Barry Winter, Chair of Hannah Mitchell Foundation

Dave Brown, Head of Migration Yorkshire

to secure a place – e.mail: jmdrewery@talktalk.net

or tel: 07946 913703


Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber are selling

Revolver Fairtrade coffee. Everyone is a winner with this venture because the profit goes to Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber, it builds solidarity with coffee co-operatives around the world and it spreads the word about co-operatives and fairtrade over here.


Honduras Organic (Strength 3) £3.50

Guatemala Organic (strength 2) £3.50

Mexico Organic (strength 3) £3.50

Peru Organic (strength 4) £3.50

Cuba (strength 5) £3.60

Colombia Anserma (strength 4) £2.80


CY&H, Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG


To receive programme of events at the Red and Green Club

contact club Chair, Paul Salveson:



42, Bankwell Road

Milnsbridge, Huddersfield





Co-operatives Yorkshire and the Humber

Aizlewoods Mill

Nursery Street

Sheffield S3 8GG


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