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The desire for a common global identity was demonstrated by co-operators’ ready adoption of the United Nations 2012 International Year of Co-operatives logo and tagline. In response, the International Co-operative Alliance carried out wide-ranging research and member engagement to support the design of a new symbol for our global movement, capable of local and cross-border use by co-operatives everywhere. It is also a key output of the Alliance’s work around one of the five themes from the ‘Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade’ – our co-operative identity.

The outcome of the project was the ‘coop’ Marque, along with key messages and a set of signature images. Together, these make up a visual toolkit. Its purpose is to help co-operatives identify themselves as part of a global co-operative movement, and to gain recognition for their own co-operative difference.

We are proud of the new global Co-operative Marque and look forward to seeing it used as an emblem of the global co-operative movement and of our collective identity, demonstrating our unity of purpose. We encourage you to use the Marque to give greater visibility to your co-operative and help strengthen our distinct model of enterprise.’

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Why should you want to get the Marque

7 reasons why your co-op could benefit from having the marque:

1. It’s ethical – Use the global identity to show you align with co-op values. Differentiate your
coop from other forms of business and demonstrate our unity of purpose, make people more
aware of what they are choosing when faced with the option between a co-operative or an
investor or privately-owned business.

2. Only co-ops can use it – You can have a .coop domain as your ‘online identity’ and use the
Marque in your ‘visual identity’ if you are a co-op or serve co-ops.

3. Stand out on the web – A .coop extension on your webpages and emails sparks off great
business conversations. No need to hide behind a .com, a .org or .net address.

4. Marketing power – A .coop domain and the Marque on your homepage, email signature,
advertising, products and packaging means your co-op brand is working 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, 52 weeks a year.

5. Be proud – A .coop is a restricted domain, so it’s easy to choose a name that’s memorable,
unique, relevant and short. And if you’ve not had one before then it is free for the 1st year.

6. Be discovered – With an automatic listing in, it’s easy for people to find you.

7. A domain to suit you – Find a great .coop domain name using the domain checker at At less than £2 a week, it’s a fantastic investment.

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