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Co-operatives YH is the regional network of co-operative enterprise in the Yorkshire and Humber region of England. Over 200 co-operatives make a substantial contribution to the region’s economic and social life, with a turnover of £2,268 million and providing jobs for over 18,000 employees. Co-operatives YH is committed to strengthening the sector and providing a regional voice for co-operative and mutual organisations.

The Diversity of Co-operative Enterprise
The co-operative model is successfully applied in many different ways. We are all familiar with the consumer co-operatives on our shopping streets. Employee owned co-operatives have grown in popularity over the last 25 years or so, and are becoming ever more well known. Housing co-operatives provide an increasingly important element of the UK’s social housing market, while business co-operatives (wherein each member is a business in its own right) offer great potential for economic development.

Other approaches continue to be developed, including community ownership, multi-stakeholder co-operatives, and a co-operative Community Interest Company.
Co-operatives operate in all areas of our society and economy, delivering sustainable, profitable goods and services to diverse markets.

What we do

  • Champion the Identity, Values and Principles of co-operation in the Region

  • Promote the development of the co-operative economy in the Region

  • Create social cohesion through co-operative solutions

  • Ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded in all CY&H activity


Co-operatives YH is a co-operative company limited by guarantee with a democratically elected board drawn from member businesses and organisations, with a responsibility to represent and promote the sector.

The Board, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, meets regularly to determine the strategy and activities of the organisation. The Board is comprised of individuals drawn from our diverse constituents – retail co-operatives, worker co-operatives, financial and housing co-operatives, co-operative development organisations and others.

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Supporting Co-operative Development

We welcome engagement with people and organisations who share similar goals and are willing to act as a partner in the future development and delivery of strategies for the region. Together, co-operatives and mutuals can exert greater influence to make sure they are considered in regional policy making.

Board of Directors

Cheryl Barrott. Chair. Change Agents

Steve Wagstaff. Secretary. Fairtraders Co-operative

Alan Dootson. Treasurer. Sheffield Co-operative Development Group

Steve Thompson. Membership Secretary. Principle 5 YCRC

Phil Watson. Sheffield Renewables

Neil Rhodes. Yorkshire Co-operative Party

Contact Us

Write to: Co-operatives Yorkshire and Humber,
Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre,
Aizlewood’s Mill,
Nursery Street,
S3 8GG
Email: steve@sheffield.coop


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