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Welcome to the new style of newsletter*. I hope that this will create a friendly and accessible way for co-operatives in the region to keep in touch with each other and link in to the wider co-operative movement.

If you would like to share your stories with the other members in the Region, contact;
membership secretary, Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber

with all good wishes,

The Phone Co-op
Phone and Broadband, business telecoms, mobile
• is a co-operative owned by its members
• is an ethical and attractive alternative to other telecoms providers
• is environmentally sustainable
• pays out a dividend to its customers who are members
• pays interest of 2.25% per annum on members savings
• Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber is an affinity partner
Switch today and quote AF0461 Co-operatives Yorkshire & Humber.
This will help to support CY&H and give you £10 credit.
Tel: 0845 458 9040

Co-operative News
published by Co-operative Press (a readers co-operative)
Fortnightly newspaper
Tel: 0161 214 0871

Sheffield Co-operatives
Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre
Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
Tel: 0114 2589412

Dear friends,
Leeds Bread Co-op in Woodhouse, Leeds is a artisan bakery, making slow fermented loaves, many of which are sourdough, and soon to be making patisserie. We are looking for a new Baker co-op members to help us:
· grow and increase sales and so create more co-op jobs
· become a better co-op
· increase availabilty of good bread in Yorkshire
· develop baking classes and a volunteer program
· add patisserie products to our range of breads
Leeds Bread Co-op started in summer 2012. We funded the bakery with loanstock, a grant and a crowdfunding scheme and have been in production since 5th July 2013. The bakery is located in an industrial unit on an trading estate just off Meanwood Road. We sell our
bread at markets, to wholesale customers and through a bread subscription scheme. We’re looking for an entrepreneurial, co-operative minded person to work as a Baker, able to work 2-3 days/week on a low wage initially, perhaps supplemented by tax credits or another part-time job. As the business grows then we will increase the wage.
Experience of working in a commercial bakery will be an obvious advantage. The deadline for applications is 3pm, 5th January 2014. Interviews and trial shifts will be held the following fortnight.
For information about Leeds Bread Co-op, about the jobs and the skills needed and about the application procedure, go to:
If you want to speak to someone about the co-op or would like a copy of the business plan, please email info@leedsbread.coop or call Zig on 0113 262 5155.

Building Co-operation
A business history of the Co-operative Group, 1863-2013 John F. Wilson, Anthony Webster & Rachael Vorberg-Rugh. Commissioned by the Co-operative Group for the centenary of the CWS, published by Oxford University Press
This long awaited book is now available.

* These 2013 back issues only cover December, to date.

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