Students for Co-operation

students for co-operation

Students for Cooperation is a newly established national body created to help develop and support student co-operatives across the UK. It is democratically controlled and owned by its constituent co-ops and works to create new groups by providing training, workshops and support. It aims to create a dedicated network of co-operatives across the UK providing students with affordable, democratically controlled and member owned services.

There are over 7 million students in the UK enrolled in Higher and Further education institutions. The weekly cost of rent for a student has doubled over the past 10 years whilst food and transport costs are soaring. Students are being saddled with debt, opportunities for direct democratic involvement in the world around us is minimal. Students for Co-operation provides a crucial networking and educational environment for the student groups across the country establishing co-operatives to tackle these issues.

In recent years a flurry of student co-ops have emerged up and down the country, meeting a huge variety of student needs.  Students for Co-operation aims to share knowledge and create co-operation between these groups, and to build a sustainable movement for social change.

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