Humberside Co-operative Development Agency


Humberside Co-operative Development Agency


Who are they? 

Humberside CDA was founded in 1985 by Humberside County Council as an arms length agency, to support and develop Co-operatives and Social Enterprises in the Humberside area. In 1996 Humberside was dissolved into four unitary authorities and the CDA become an independent organisation.

They receive no external funding and provide a mixture of free and commercial support to Co-operatives (and people looking to set one up) Social Enterprises and other Not For Profit organisations (and people looking to set one up).

Their services to Co-operatives can be funded by the Co-operative Group, so are free to clients. For non co-operative organizations they may have to charge but there may be pro-bono support available depending on circumstances. 

Why work with them? 

Experience: Humberside CDA is a social enterprise itself and has been since its founding in 1985 and its members now consist wholly of people involved in social enterprise in Humberside.

Hands on: All of the CDA’s advisors and consultants are actively involved in social enterprises of their own, bringing real world experience to the support they can give you.

Quality: They pride ourselves on the quality and manner of their delivery and treat their clients as they’d want to be treated theirselves.

Networking: The CDA has an active policy of networking its clients, encouraging them to work together and share experience where possible.

Referall: The CDA strongly believes that clients should receive the best possible service. As part of this they will refer you to other support agencies where appropriate.

Specialist advice: The CDA has access to various people involved in social enterprise who can come in and give you practical advice in specialist areas.

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